Your Essential Beginner’s Guide To Buying Persian Rugs

The art of weaving Persian carpets and rugs dates back thousands of years. The exquisite techniques behind these pieces were developed in Asia by the nomadic people from the mountains and plateaus. The techniques involved delicately knotting the fine wool and thread to create rugs and carpets. The materials are woven together to create magical and mesmerising designs. Inspiration for the carpets and rugs was drawn from the surroundings of the nomadic tribes.

Traditionally the yarns were dyed using extracts from nut shells and fruits. The craftsmanship behind these carpets and rugs make them a truly sound investment for any home. Today a Persian carpet or run in the home is seen as much as furniture as a stunning desk or lounge suite. Even the most simple of Persian rugs can transform a dull room into something magical.

While they are undoubtedly beautiful buying a Persian carpet or rug has always been seen as something which is quite risky. Before buying a specific rug or carpet you will find yourself asking whether the items are of good quality and whether it is synthetic. You’ll be spending a lot of money on a Persian carpet and you need to make sure you are spending your money the right way.

Here is our beginners guide for buying a Persian rug or carpet:


When you start looking for a carpet you’ll find that there are many different variants of carpets available. You can start by separating the carpets into two main variants; the Turkish knot and the oriental knot. Regardless of which one you prefer you need to know that the closer the knots are together the higher quality the carpet will be.


There are two main styles of Persian rugs; Tribal and City rugs and they differ quite drastically. It doesn’t mean that one will be of higher quality than the other it simply means that there are two different patterns to the rugs.

Tribal – These carpets and rugs will bear the name of their tribe. The designs will be rougher and patterns will be more angular.

City – These rugs are crafted using precisely measured motifs. The colours will also be more regular. The lines will be rounded and they will often feature more floral designs.


You must be prepared before you set out shopping for your Persian rug or carpet. It is also a great idea to make sure you get hold of a book about carpets and do a little research. Do not be in a hurry when you buy a carpet, rather take your time and find a design that you like.

Be An Expert

When you enter the shop to buy a carpet never let the salesperson know that you are not an expert. You should always ask questions based on well-researched facts. If a salesperson thinks you are a beginner he might try to sell you a carpet which does not suit your needs.