Oak Wood: Character, Utilization, and Preservation Tips

If you often watch Hollywood movies, the name oak definitely not a foreign name anymore. Many times the name of this tree is called on the various films. In a way, oak wood is very popular in the land of Uncle Sam as teak is very popular in Indonesia.

In Indonesia alone, oak is almost never cultivated. But that does not mean this wood is not processed here. Various woodworking companies in Indonesia in fact there are processing this wood. They export oak from Europe to then be worked into various products. But the market is not a local market. The various companies are generally targeting the American market. And even then on request from American buyers themselves. For more info about oak you can visit Reclaimed french oak renaissance plank

Oak Wood Character

The oak has a hard, strong, hardwood and texture and large pore properties. The large fiber and pore appearance is quite unique and with the right painting, the aesthetics can be more endearing than any other wood. While the color of wood ranging from white on the sapwood to brown or reddish on the terrace.

Actually, this wood can be divided into two types. The first is red oak or red oak, while the second is white oak or white oak. Fiber and pore are the biggest aspects that distinguish them. Red oak generally has a larger pore with a long pattern than white oak. Usually the oak that enters in Indonesia is white oak.

Wood Working oak

With its unique appearance, the oak wood is very promising from the aesthetic aspect for use in the wood processing industry. Usually the work begins when the oak is shaped veneer (veneer) with varying thickness. While drying up to the cutting of wood has been done in the country of origin. This condition is actually beneficial to both parties, especially for businesses that get American buyer demand. With veneer, furniture entrepreneurs can use cheaper local wood such as rubber wood (rubber wood) and even wood processed like MDF.

However, given the hard wood nature, this wood is actually difficult to do. Moreover, coupled with a wooden character that is easily broken. Drying process or drying time should be done carefully. Drying speed is too high at risk of damaging the material. Wood is at risk of curling up to the cracks.