Is Your Home Safe? Warning Signs Your Foundation is Failing

The structure of a home can be greatly compromised when a foundation is in bad shape. From weakening the walls to making the floor uneven, these problems will only get worse in the future. This is true for all foundation types, including pier and beam, basement, slab, and crawlspace. In order for homeowners to keep their properties safe, it’s important to keep an eye out for warning signs that the foundation is failing. The most obvious red flags that should lead you to promptly having foundation repair Irving done are listed below.

1. Your Walls are Cracked

Whether on the interior or exterior, cracks could spell problems by allowing water seepage, termite entry, and a myriad of other problems to occur. However, some cracks are not worrisome, which is why it’s best to have them examined by an experienced foundation repair professional.

2. Crown Molding and the Ceiling Don’t Meet

When the foundation settles and begins to sink, this can leave a gap between the crown molding and the ceiling. This may be harmless in most cases, although it’s not ideal for those who take pride in their home interior.

3. Windows and Doors are Difficult to Open

Do you notice that when you try to open or close your windows and doors, they stick? This is one of the biggest signs that your foundation is failing and should be inspected as soon as possible. Over time these will continue to stick and can become impossible to use like normal.

4. The Floor is Sloped

Small drops in the foundation are normal and to be expected for most homes. However, extreme sloping is a problem. If you notice your furniture doesn’t sit evenly or perhaps a ball rolls downward when on your floor, it’s essential to have the foundation inspected.

5. Leaking Roof

A leaking roof can easily be caused by a roof that needs to be repaired or replaced. However, if your roof is healthy and you’re still experiencing problems with leaks, the foundation could be the root cause of the issue.

6. Your Garage Door is Uneven

When your garage door closes, look to see if it sits flat on the ground. If it lifts on one side, an inspection is essential. If the problem isn’t the door itself, the foundation may be the cause.

7. Concrete Floor Cracks

Triggered by changes in the soil, these can damage the foundation once the house begins to settle. This is one sign that’s especially noticeable in the basement where flooring hasn’t covered the concrete.

Strengthening Your Foundation and Investment

The foundation of your home is by far one of the most important elements of it. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to warning signs that it may be deteriorating. If you do end up needing to have repairs done, you’ll be glad that you took care of them early on. Not only can this prevent additional damage but it can also minimize the degree of damage that already exists. Even more information about foundation repairs can be found through Trulia.


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