How to Care and Maintenance of Cooling Machine in Freezer Room


Treatment of the cooling chamber is very important for the goods stored in it, even more important to extend the life of the cooler.

How to care for the refrigerant, please refer to the translation as follows:

HOW TO TREATMENT Clean the condenser unit.

  • Clean condenser unit from dust attached with brush maximum of one month, if condenser unit assisted fan condenser Clean condenser fan and lubricate condenser fan motor up to 6 months.
  • The clean and dirty of the condenser unit has a major effect on the cooling process of a cooling machine, if the condenser is so dirty the cooling process runs slowly and the larger electricity consumption and will cause damage to the compressor unit,

Cleaning Evaporator Unit

  • Clean Evaporator Units from dirt that stick with brush or brush, If the Evaporator Unit has a lot of ice flakes melted by turning off the engine and let it melt by itself, do not attempt to do it by hitting or prying it with a sharp object because it can damage the Evaporator unit.
  • Clean and dirty Evaporator unit has a big effect in cooling process of a cooling machine, if evaporator is dirty then cooling process run slowly or even no cold at all.

Checking Electrical control (this work can only be done by a technician)

  • Checking the tightness of the cable joints (loose cable connections can cause heat, sparks and fires)
  • Checking the voltage and amperage (make sure the machine is working on the voltage and ampere limits on the license plate as shown on the compressor plate, if working above or below the allowable voltage and amperage must be in the search for the cause and repaired)

Viewed from several ways the maintenance of a cooling machine mentioned above can be concluded that the air circulation either in the cooled chamber or outside the cooled room even where the cooling machine is placed will have a major effect in the operation of a cooling machine.

The problem that often occurs in the cooling machine is damage to the motor compressor and to fix it required a lot of cost.

Why Motor Compressor Damage?

The answer is because the machine has no maintenance.

If at least some of the ways of treatment mentioned above and there are more specific ways of treatment I have not explained here done then the goal of treatment will be achieved.


  • Place the cooling machine in the appropriate place. (Can be read first book manual included at the time of purchase of cooling machine) Examples are: Make sure the room temperature is not too hot and enough air circulation. Cooling machine should not be in direct contact with the heating machine such as oven, stove etc.
  • Perform such treatment above or entrust the maintenance of the engine to the technician
  • Do not insert hot stuff into cooling machine etc.

If you have any unusual symptoms, call your technician immediately to check them out, just for your reference to Total Climate Solutions. Thank you hopefully useful.