Electric Radiators Are Leading the Way in Affordable and Efficient Heating

Many people have been talking about the energy-saving properties of various types of electric heating systems. Recently, it’s been said that infrared heating is one of the most efficient types of heating system.

Well, the laws of physics have not changed, despite what some ads say.

The Law of Physics

The truth is, all direct-acting electric heating systems are 100{fd693126d2ecaa5454766a11497f56b3504a20011f5dbec058b94731914bcd07} efficient. These electric heating appliances include panel heaters, radiators and the new infrared heaters. One kilowatt (or unit) of electrical energy will always produce one kilowatt of heat, no matter which system is used.

There are many claims out there about the efficiency of the new infrared heating panels. Some say that an infrared heater can produce the same amount of heat as a radiator, with less electricity. However, there is no evidence to support these claims.

It would be miraculous to improve on 100{fd693126d2ecaa5454766a11497f56b3504a20011f5dbec058b94731914bcd07} efficiency. In order to improve …

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