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Andersens’ bamboo flooring is a cost effective, luxurious and environmentally friendly flooring option for your living space. Your laminate flooring that has marks and cuts in it will need a little extra care to get that mark out, and sometimes if the cut is all that deep you can’t get it out no matter how much buffing you were to do on this area. Today, bamboo flooring is found in many homes and is an important sustainable flooring option. If you would like any more information on our range or bamboo flooring prices available, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Bamboo has been used in flooring, furniture, and other household products and structures for thousands of years.

Our materials are top quality; because we produce so much long-plank and wide-plank bamboo flooring, our bamboo stalks are of higher quality to start. While bamboo flooring is more resilient than most hardwoods, you still must be vigilant to avoid damage. A number of companies in Vietnam are employed in the manufacturing and exporting of bamboo flooring. Putting the bamboo flooring onto a subfloor makes the flooring feel warmer under your feet and helps reduce squeaks and movement in the flooring. Using bamboo you help to preserve the habitat of endangered wildlife unlike the harvesting of other hardwoods. By working with bamboo and understanding its growth patterns, bamboo farmers are able to maximize timber production while maintaining healthy forests. Some bamboo is grown without chemical fertilizers and manufactured with high levels of formaldehyde.

The type of bamboo flooring you use determines what kind and how many points or credits you can earn. If the piece of bamboo plank remaining is over 8inches long use it to start the next row of bamboo flooring. The harder the material, the better it resists dents, especially if it has a durable, factory-baked finish, as do most bamboo and engineered hardwood boards.

If they don’t use someone who has an excellent reputation you can verify on Angie’s List or similar site, I would find the flooring company on your own. An added quality control in the bamboo flooring industry is the need for the material to be treated early on in the process, or you will know the product will go bad. Fortunately, bamboo is relatively easy to maintain and by following the steps below your flooring will last a lifetime. With most bamboo floors, you should not use the floating method, because they are not originally intended for that use and may cause uneven and a generally unpleasant look. Even oak – one of the most common hardwood flooring materials – has more color contrast than bamboo.

Not all bamboo flooring is the same, however; be sure to look for Moso bamboo, as it’s considered the hardest and most durable. Handsome ceiling beams balance the dark wide-plank, hand-scraped bamboo floor in this fresh-looking blue bath, wrapped with white wainscoting. Nevertheless, you can ask our friendly staff to engage a professional installer and your Bamboo floor will be ready in no time. Fast forward 2 months and we’ve been getting pretty tired of walking on the subfloors…it was time to replace the upstairs flooring.

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