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The ninth edition of the Triennale Design Museum curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, with installation design by Margherita Palli, examines Italian design in the light of one its most delicate, most problematic aspects – but also one of the most exciting and appealing, which is that of gender. Most of the famous designers and architects that have made sofas, signature arm chairs, and various furniture are behind the creating of these. Luckily I was asked to represent them in Canada, starting with the province of British Columbia and here I am diving into a new business along my principal one of Interior design. Momentoitalia imports high end modern Italian furniture, specialized in high end designer bedroom and living room furniture.

Decorating home with latest furniture collection has become a satisfying experience with providing modern, contemporary European and Italian furniture which are trendy and affordable at your fingertips. Italian women who have contributed significantly to Italian design such as Rossana Orlandi and Nina Yashar are represented with their signature sartorial codes; in this case, an unmistakable set of eyewear and turban, respectfully. Our carefully selected high quality Italian kitchen brands offer numerous possibilities of colors, wooden finishes, prestigious materials, styles and designs. The trend for reissuing back catalogue designs is one adopted by many Italian companies. We are about to release our first collection of leather wallets for DuduBags , an Italian company specializing in the production of leather accessories.

This is small bedroom so the designer used large mirror to see it wide, was obliged to this calm design because the small spaces in this room, only use one wall to make this decor behind bed from headboard, i like this design so much. Modern Contemporary Furniture Store, European Designer Home Office Furnishings, Italian Furniture And Retro Designs Are At Online Store, Spacify. Convivum and Party are multi-purpose furniture thought to furnish a house where the spaces need to be smartly organized. Known for his richly layered interiors – this is a room completed for Lee Radziwill.

I admire some marketers and designers whom consumers find extremely difficult to understand. The name says it all, Mangione means big eater in Italian: a big body and a face with an open mouth which looks like is about to eat something, the additional hole in the top side of the door reminds an eye. The article used a table lamp from a line we represent here at Casa Design , the Phillippe Stark Miss Sissi lamp , as its example. Italy enjoyed a golden age of design and manufacturing from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Above: The Tripolina chair was originally designed by American inventor Joseph B. Fenby, then produced by the Viganò firm in Tripoli, Libya, for the Italian market. Browse our website at to discover top quality Italian sofas and sectional sofas, modern sofa beds, space saving furniture and bedroom furniture. Join Casa Design in celebrating two designs that are still popular, even amidst the rapidly changing world of interior design. Thinking about where you place the furniture in the room is an additional tip for decorating a small dining room. You’ll find always different pieces of additional uncommon Italian designer furniture that you may include into your bedroom. The Italian home décor and the designs in Italy reflect the harmony that it brings into the home.