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Over 2 months ago, we ripped out the carpeting in our upstairs hallway and got rid of all the laminate flooring in our upstairs bedrooms. It is comparable to traditional hardwood floors in durability, flexibility and maintenance and is more environmentally friendly than different types of timber flooring as it can be sustainably grown and farmed. In vertical bamboo floors, the component pieces are stood vertically on their narrowest edge and then press laminated side to side.

If your home has lots of high-impact traffic and you are concerned about your flooring lasting many years to come, strand woven bamboo is the best choice available. The bamboo is split and flattened, dried, and then laminated in layers with glue under high pressure.

Clever Choice Ultimate Bamboo is hot pressed and manufactured from A grade raw materials and comes with a Janka rating of 15+ making it most durable flooring option in the hard flooring range. Afterward the harvest, the bamboo is cut lengthwise into strips or fillets which they are sometimes called in the flooring industry. There are many shops selling bamboo flooring in various colors and plans to sell of various art forms. There are bamboo floors for every situation, in a growing number of colors and styles.

Bamboo may be less sensitive to moisture than hardwood, but manufacturers still discourage wet-mopping it, just as they discourage wet-mopping a wood floor. The specialists at Clarke Basement Systems will not only recommend and install the best basement waterproofing system for your home, they can also recommend and install your best basement flooring option. It is not currently available to the DIY enthusiast wishing to finish their flooring by his or herself. Carbonized or caramelized bamboo is pressure-heated to brown the sugar compounds.

Low Cost Flooring – manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality bamboo flooring products to distributors, contractors, retailers, and consumers. Stalks are sliced into ¼-by-¾-inch strips, bound with powerful adhesives, then milled into three types of bamboo flooring. Your flooring and moisture meter manufacturer should be able to provide you with information that will help you accurately calibrate and test the moisture content of the specific materials you are working with. We had a very slow build and Simply Bamboo were extremely patient , understanding , kind and courteous. It also means that strand woven bamboo flooring is a sustainable flooring whereas hardwood flooring is not.