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Keeping Bedbugs Away from Your Home

Managing larger pests that we can easily see with our naked eye can already be tough enough, now imagine if you have nearly invisible pests lurking around the corners of your homes, worst of all, in your beds and couches where you can lay in all day and all night. This is commonly what happens in bedbug infestation, as their minute size renders them nearly invisible, and you may not even know you have them already, which is why addressing them can be difficult to start with, especially that they tend to hide in the dark corners once daylight comes.

Their tiny size can easily make them nearly invisible especially if you do not look close enough, as identifying bedbugs will also need a little knowledge and awareness to know what you need to look for. Although most people are unaffected by bedbug bites, those with allergies or are more sensitive to insect bites can suffer from obvious marks left by their bite, commonly on your exposed parts, which are clustered welts that often turn into itchy blisters, with people also varying in reaction and severity of rashes.

While it is commonly thought that bedbugs are only found in dirty places, they can actually be found in clean homes as well as unlike other pests that thrive on dirt, bedbugs feed on blood, and therefore only require humans or their pets to live and multiply. Typically, bedbug infestations begin when you have brought in some items that already have bedbugs in it, such as second hand or even new furniture items, or your luggage bags that you have brought home from a hotel or from another home with an existing infestation, and other items like linens, soft toys, and even your clothing that can easily carry the bugs and transfer them around.

When taking home items that are possible carriers of bedbugs, it is always best to wash them thoroughly before they get in contact with anything at home. Sealing the items before washing, like in an air tight plastic bag for a few days will also help to kill the bedbugs, which you can also do with other items in your home that you suspect to have been infested already, as this can effectively suffocate bugs.

Equipping yourself with a little knowledge will also help you in the proper detection of bedbugs, especially in terms of the appearance of the bugs (brown, oval, and flat) and the eggs they lay, its hatched shells, including their droppings, which are all also tiny and require a close inspection. If you still find yourself unsure about what to do, there are reliable pest management services that you can hire to do the job for you and save you from all the hassle of detecting and killing bedbugs, including making your home bedbug proof.