What does every dream home need?

Everyone imagines their dream home differently. While some people hope for a penthouse in New York another person will be wishing for a small cottage in the New Zealand countryside. However, no matter what size or style your dream home might be, there are certain things that every home needs:

A place to de-stress

Whether you’re living alone or bringing along a family of 12, a home isn’t a home without a place of peace; a space where people can relax and wind down. Here you can indulge in your calming hobbies, be creative, or simply browse the internet in peace and look up best online casino reviews. For most people this peaceful place is the bedroom but in a dream home it might be a study or something as simple as a chair on the back porch overlooking the garden. This sort of space is great for mental wellbeing and can reduce stress in both children and adults. When it comes to decorating this space you should aim at making it comfortable, tranquil and quiet. Muted blues, beiges and greys are colours that can reduce stress and won’t be distracting if you were to use this space for meditation. Plants have also been proven to reduce stress, so a few plant pots will make the area feel fresh and open up a small space. Finally, natural light is vital. This space should have at least one easily accessible window that is able to light the room during the day and you should avoid using overhead lights and lamps that are too bright. To give the space the perfect amount of light, opt for a dimmer switch and distribute small lights and lamps that will light the room without being overly bright. If this space is in a bedroom you should also avoid blue tinted LEDs that might disrupt your normal sleep cycle.

A place to gather

When it comes to inviting friends around to visit or bringing the family together for a night in, a dream home would have a place where everyone can congregate. Normally this sort of space is in the living room or dining room, but you can also create this place outside if the weather tends to be warm. Here you and your loved ones can talk, share food and generally take your time to be in each other’s company. This place will have a good amount of space to seat everyone and the room should be organised around a central point. This way everyone can look at the other people in the room and conversation can involve everyone as opposed to a linear seating arrangement where conversation would involve looking over people’s heads or sitting on the floor. In this space you are free to add some colour to your décor. If you intend to use this place as a lounging area then coloured furniture with a neutral wall colour is a great way to add colour to a space without making it too bold. If your gathering place is used for dining then colourful chairs and table decorations will give the room character. Avoid keeping the room uniform and making everything the same colour. By adding a bit of variety and expanding your colour scheme your space will feel more welcoming.