Welding arc welding

Welding arc welding is a process of arc welding using a bare wire electrode that is fed continuously, and the welding arc is covered with flux powder, Electrode wires are fed automatically from scroll to arc.

The flux is poured through a feeding tube in front of the electrode, so the electric arc arising between the electrode and the base metal is immersed by the flux powder along the welding groove. You can see on site welding for more information.

The heat generated by the arc melts metal and flux powder. The liquid flux will float on the molten metal, forming a shell that can prevent splashing and oxidation, you must see welding shop in calgary

In there have amazing welding After the cold, the slag is frozen and easily removed, while the remaining powder is sucked with a vacuum system and can be reused.

The advantage of using arc welding is because the flux powder closes the entire welding operation, so that:

  • can avoid sparks and bursts of flame, radiation, and other dangerous things.
  • no need to use safety glass,
  • cooling runs slowly, so the quality of welding joints is very good, has a toughness and high ductility.

The disadvantages are:

  • because the arc is not visible, the incorrect welding determination can thwart the entire welding result,
  • welding is limited only to horizontal position.

Welding arc welding is widely used in fabrics for welding;

– profile shapes, such as I-beam, T-beam, and so on;

Long and circular rein with large diameter like pipe, tank, etc

Preparation Before Doing Welding Technique

Before starting the welding process, you should prepare the necessary tools that we have described above. Do not use ordinary shoes that are flammable if exposed to sparks. For more information about welding technique you can visit machine shop.

Make sure your shoes are tightly closed either using non-flammable pants, or by tying an anti-flame cloth on the ankles to cover the shoe crack. And the most recommended is to use high welding shoes like boots. This is to prevent sparks from entering the shoe through the cracks near the ankles. Therefore, sparks that do not easily go out and fall into the shoes will burn the skin. Surely this will cause tremendous pain. Use our standard safety tool for our safety.