Waters Flossers: Types and Qualities of Water Flossers

Water flosser is a useful appliance for your oral health. It aims a steady water stream in the mouth to flush plaque, bacteria and food particles from the narrow place, such as under the gumlines and between teeth. Fortunately, the Water flossers are good to use around orthodontic appliances, implants, bridges, veneers, crowns, and braces. These are more efficient than ordinary string floss. It helps you to clean difficult-to-reach places. Keep it in mind that oral care is essential for overall health. Keep your mouth healthy and clean to avoid lots of health problems. There are four types of water flossers. All flossers may vary in size of tank, price, features, and designs.

Countertop Flosser: These are heavy and bulky units for oral irrigation. Put them on the countertop near one socket during floss. These are powered by electricity and come with one cord.

Battery-operated or Cordless: These are battery operated cordless flossers. These oral irrigators are portable, small and slim. These flossers are good for travelers who have storage and voltage issues. You can carry these flossers in your bag with its batteries.

Shower Flosser: You can attach them to your shower system to floss in the bathroom. These oral appliances don’t require electricity or batteries. 

Faucet Flosser: You can attach these flossers to a faucet to clean your teeth. It works well without a refill. Some models come without automatic-shift from floss – faucet. These flossers require manual efforts to take out your flosser from a faucet, if you have to use tap only.

Features of a Good Water Flosser

You can choose any one of these types of flossers. Every unit has its own weaknesses and strength. You have to consider your needs before selecting a water flosser. If you are going abroad, you can use a cordless flosser. A countertop flosser is good for whole family members. If you want to take your oral care to your shower, the shower flosser can be a right choice for you. Faucet flossers are good for those people who don’t like refilling of water tanks.

Noise of Water Flosses

Countertop water flossers are noisy, and these are not good for those who don’t like loud appliances. You can get faucet and shower flossers because these are quiet appliances. These are easy to control without a motor. You will only hear the noise of water stream.

Tips of Water Flosser

If you need a flosser for your whole family, you will need extra tips. The color-coded tips are good for proper identification. Keep it in mind that only get extra tips in case of additional family members because these tips may end up unexploited.

Size of Water Flosser

You will need a compact flosser to address your space issues. A flosser with detachable water tank can be a good choice to address your storage issues. If you think that your flossers are heavy, you can get a faucet or shower flosser.

Choose appropriate flossers to keep your mouth clean and avoid chances of plaque and food particles in the narrow spaces between your teeth.