Tips to Ponder Before Hiring Trustworthy Moving Companies

To Move from one place to another is one of the toughest tasks that a company will have to surpass. As a business owner, it is not enough to store your supplies and hire more employees. It is also your responsibility to find them a workplace that would be enough to keep your raw materials and finished products as well as space for workers or employees. For these reasons, you may have to leave your current location and move to a better one. Well, it could have been better, if you are only going to move to a nearby place, but what if it takes a distance? 

Moving would have been easier when you are just going a few blocks from your current workplace. But you have to consider the space needed, especially when your business is growing. You should not only be thinking of your earnings here. Keep in mind that you have more supplies, finished products and workers now. So, after finding your new workplace, the next step is to choose a moving company. This one is quite difficult when you have to move long distance. Therefore, I suggest you to visit for moving ideas. 

Considering the size of your company, you might find it easier to move through the help of the moving companies in your area. But remember that you have to deal with the most reliable one – this is another challenge that you have to face. Make sure that the moving company is not just full of promising words. This has to be carefully planned. Do not allow them scam you and do not ever let their cheap practices to work for you. There are standards that you have to meet and take some of your time to ponder on these before hiring that moving company. 


The very first thing that you need to do is to ask for family and friends for recommendations. I am pretty sure that they have experiences or heard about reliable companies in town. In my opinion, you do not need to hire them right away. Instead, make a list and count them in.  

When you already have a list of companies, you may now start investigating on them. It would be great to know more about that company. Learn about their products and services. You may visit their company or check them through their official website. 


Operating a business legally is what you need. Once found out that they do not have a license to do the moving services, then never trust them. Since their services deals with transportations, it would be great to also visit the Department of Transportation or DOT office to get more info and check their records.    

One common mistake that usually happens to some consumers is that, they fail to look for the license. I supposed, this is one of the priorities when hiring such services. Therefore, take all your time and effort just to find out if they are operating legally. When they will tell you that their license just expired, they should be able to present a receipt or certificate that the renewal has been already under process. 

Customer Reviews 

Since you already know their page, then you have to look for the customer reviews. You can learn a lot from the experiences of their previous clients or customers. How is their rating, is it good or bad?  

This may also serve as your basis when hiring a mover. What other customers have to say is also important. Through them, you can get some clues on what to choose. 

Cost Estimate 

Allow the representative to come and make a visit to your workplace. When they do the estimate, it must be done personally. Do not believe them when they just do it over a phone call. How can they make an accurate estimate without even looking at how much they have to move, right? If you notice that the way they do the estimate is suspicious, then send the authority an email at [email protected]. Sometimes, it is best to file for complaints and get thing clear to avoid problems in the future. 

With such moves, it only shows that you cannot really count on them. Estimates are supposed to be accomplished in the form of a writing. And then, this must not be a blank paper. Make sure that the charges are worth it. Once you have signed this and agreed with them, whatever is quoted must be followed. No other extra or additional charges must be made after the job is completed.  

Liability and Insurance 

It would be great, if you can also ask about the company’s insurance policy. When they have it, you will not need to worry about unexpected situations or accidents. Because of these, you may sometimes experience damage to your belongings. Since they have an insurance, they will then pay for the damages occurred.  

The moment that moving company picked up the stuffs from the workplace, your belongings must be guaranteed with safety and protection. Everything inside that cargo or container truck must be secured during the transport and until they deliver it. When you unpack the boxes, it would even be ideal for the representative to be there. Through this, he will be able to witness whatever damages incurred. I guess, this is just a formality to make sure that the service is great and that nothing was done wrong. 

By the way, when it comes to the liability of the company, you should know how much they will pay or what things are covered. Are they going to guarantee you with full replacement value to be reimbursed? Are they just going to offer you repair services? Or is it a partial or percentage amount of the actual value? These are just some of the questions that you should make clear before dealing with the movers. It only shows that there is a need for a moving insurance and it is for protection. This is not just for your belongings, but for the moving company as well.