Things to Know About a Glass Door Refrigerator

Not sure if a glass door chiller is the answer for your commercial premises? Want to know more about the options, maintenance and benefits? Read our essential guide to glass door refrigerators.

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Glass door refrigerators are almost exclusively used as display fridges. Some businesses may choose to use them in the kitchen too; there is certainly an argument that being able to look in a fridge before you open it is extremely useful and encourages kitchen staff to keep things clean and organized. Where these fridges come into their own, however, is for drink and snack storage in customer-facing areas, such as shop floors, behind the bar or by the serving area of a cafe. You can choose to organise your display fridge however you want, but a tidy-looking fridge with the most attractive drinks at eye level is best.

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Stock Rotation

Display fridges tend to be used for drinks in bottles and cans, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adhere to the standard stock rotation principle of FIFO (First In First Out). Always stock these fridges from the back – the last thing you want is out-of-date items on display to customers. If stock is running low, always bring drinks to the front to make the fridge appear fully stocked.


There are a number of options available when it comes to glass door refrigerators, and these include a choice of hinged or sliding doors. There is also a wide choice of sizes from small under-counter fridges to three-door full-height fridges. Look for a knowledgeable Glass Door Refrigerator stockist such as, who can advise you clearly as to the best option for your needs.


Cleaning the front of a glass door refrigerate is very easy. If it’s particularly dirty, then clean with a warm soap sponge first and then a squeegee, but for general day-to-day cleaning all you need is a dry cloth and some window cleaner. Just as you would clean your home windows, buff a small amount of window cleaner in a circular motion until you have reached the shine you want.

Glass door refrigerators can be an excellent asset for your hotel, bar, restaurant, shop or cafe. Be sure to get the right size for your needs and keep it clean and well stocked at all times.