The Beginner’s Guide to Metals

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Why People Practice Metal Plating Plating of metals, or electroplating as some others might call it is just taking a metal and coating it with a stronger one. It is done for many reasons and it is also done in a variety of ways. It can be done through electroplating, whereby there has to be an electrolyte, and it can also be done through flame spraying. People electroplate metals with various ends in mind. While electroplating, one needs to have the metal in an electrolyte solution. The solution has to have the ions which one needs to coat. There has to be an electric current passed through the metal and the solution in order to enhance the bond. The electric charge helps the ions within the solution to stick on the metal, thus causing the coating. Basically, the more time the metal stays in the solution the thicker the coating is. This process not only takes time, it requires a lot of skill and precision. There are many reasons why people are prepared to go through all this hassle. Many of the reasons also apply as the advantages. Below are a few that might make sense to you.
Understanding Metals
Help Create Materials That Are Resistant to Corrosion
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Corrosion is pretty much the destruction of a specific element due to a natural process or interference by some chemical or gas. In certain cases, corrosion causes the creation of a more chemically stable substance from a metal. A good example of this is iron. Corrosion of iron leads to rust, and most people do not like rust for a number of reasons. Some of them being that it looks bad and it weakens metal. Metals such ad iron can be coated with an outer layer such as silver in order to prevent corrosion. This goes a long way in making sure the metal neither corrodes nor oxidizes. Loss can come about due to corrosion. As a matter of fact there are industries affected by this in the US. Replacement of corroded materials can take up an estimate of 250 billion every year. Enhance Beauty Beautiful things are always attractive. They have a way of giving pleasure. Psychological what appeals to the eye also has the ability to affect an individual’s emotions and cognition. Some metals used for plating are very attractive for example gold. Gold plating is used when it comes to making ornaments, making antiques and in building homes. Aside from gold, copper is also quite popular too. Hard, Lasts Longer and Heat Resistant One can also increase the strength of other metals through metal plating. For instance, silver is quite tolerant to heat making it great while making cars and airplanes. To encourage durability, it is advised that one should plate with tougher elements.