The Basement Ideas

There are plenty of good reasons to remodel a basement, and there’s a ton of things that can be done to a finished basement. The options are endless, so consult a designer or builder to see what works for your basement remodel. But remember, whatever type of ceiling you choose, its height will be determined by the lowest point of any piping, wiring or other electrical installation. We’ve created several design tools and estimators to make it easy for you to visualize a new Armstrong ceiling in your basement and get an estimate for the amount of ceiling tiles, planks, or panels you’ll need. That way you can get expert ideas as to where to install and the crews to do a turn key job. Eclectic mancave basement with exposed ceiling brightly colored seat bar fully stocked bar and art on the walls.

If out of town guests often your home then you might want to consider converting your basement into space for the company to add a bedroom bathroom and kitchen. This empty basement was spacious, but since it was only semi-finished, it wasn’t getting used.basement Ideas

What to do: If water leaks into your basement through cracks in your foundation—or through another route—have this remedied months before your basement-finishing project begins. Other homeowners appreciate close the laundry room to leave the rest of the basement floor plan for entertaining family and friends. That entrance way just looks awful and it may need to be rebuilt or perhaps cleaning it up and some drywall might help it. Maybe I’m better off just keeping it as a basement. White or very pale-coloured ceilings will also make the basement look higher and a lot brighter.

It is also in the planning stage that you should think about the additional storage, and how you can fit out the basement ideas for storage to organize the best room. A light color palette is fresh and clever lighting create this basement feel like an extension of the house rather than an afterthought. As seen on HGTV’s Renovation Raiders , the seating arrangement in this basement was awkward, forcing people to sit at opposite sides of the room to watch television. According to This Old House , the majority of basement water problems are caused by uncontrolled roof runoff. This sewing, craft and gift-wrap station was designed into a nook of a basement laundry room.

Accessories basement design ideas Atlanta in a comfortable pillow throws mold trim white or cream colored bay in the ceiling will naturally find their place in a traditional room. Larger daylight windows and patio doors make a basement feel less like a closed-in vault.