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Bamboo Flooring has become a very popular flooring material in the last few years because it is a very environmentally friendly, sustainable building material. Engineered strand woven bamboo flooring engineered strand bamboo flooring is the new improved structure from strand bamboo flooring and engineered strand bamboo flooring is the hardest wood floor on the market today, rated at 3000 on the Janka scale!

Bamboo preservation techniques are well known by the ancestor of the premises for a long time, with a simple method of bamboo preservation sufficiently soaked in water flowing or stagnant water, and until recently many developing preservation methods, such as by vacuum press or with other chemicals, so the bamboo harvested and processed correctly can be compared with the durability of hardwood with harvest age 20-50 years.

Other factors that affect how flooring performs: type of core for engineered flooring like: pine, hdf (high density fiber board), …

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