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At Creative Spaces Remodeling, we have an honest passion for our work which comes through in every single one of our projects. Throughout the remodeling contractor selection process we kept coming back to Metke as the right choice based on Jeff’s personal interest and involvement in our project, accessibility any time we had a question and his timely response to our remodeling

Another suggestion for the use of an attic as part of your attic remodeling plans could be the conversion of the attic into an office. We can help you evaluate renovating a whole house or whether a new custom home would be more appropriate. I have big dreams of owning a pumpkin patch on a little hobby farm in the middle of no where; this house and the massive project of remodeling it has been one huge step on the road to our goals and dreams. We met with a few different contractors, and by far House of Remodeling was right choice! Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that was widely used in houses until the 1970s; hence, its danger lurks in old house remodeling projects. No matter how you phase your custom whole-home remodel, H&H Builders will give your house a new lease on life, on time, on budget, and with minimal surprises. Architects, Contractors and Interior Designers work very well together when building a new home.

You will get a huge number of bathroom decoration ideas in Alexandria, VA and this article will help you to get ideas for how you can remodel your bathroom at its best. Next, you will read about some special concerns regarding indoor air pollution when you finish up your remodeling.

Often, it’s possible to rearrange spaces within an existing house and make it work much better than before. We have utilized House of Remodeling on multiple occasions i.e. hardwood floors, custom cabinetry, stairway and multiple bathroom remodels. Assuming it’s possible, have contractors agree to carry work materials through one door only.

This total cost is known as the annual percentage rate (APR), which is typically higher than the interest rate. They then brought samples to my house and we were able to make most all of the decisions from tile to lighting in one meeting. Griffey Remodeling created a fully enclosed sunroom/3-season room for us. They worked with us to pick out the appropriate windows, wall materials, and siding. If the owners plan to hire a contractor, the plans will tell the contractor what the owners want. In addition, Allen Patterson Residential customized a unique free standing fireplace along with installing retractable glass door on the entire water side of the house. Working with Alex, Tony,… House of Flooring remodeled 3 bathrooms and a laundry room!