Metal or Wooden Televisions Stands: Choosing the Best Option For Any Home

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Entertainment centers are designed to allow storage of all electronic components in the most compact manner. They are made to fit large rooms, small spaces, and some tuck into corners for additional versatility. Using an entertainment center, as opposed to a table or bureau, makes television viewing more comfortable. These stands are built to keep the TV at the perfect height for comfortable watching from common areas like a bed, sofa or recliner.

Metal stands are a great option for homes that have a modern or industrial design. Most are lightweight, but still quite durable and are capable of holding the weight of large TVs. Many metal stands have an open design, so there is not always a lot of hidden storage. Combination stands of glass and metal are very stylish, but will not be the best choice in every home. Glass tops are difficult to keep looking as clean as many homeowners would like. TVs and other electronics are known for attracting dust, and glass may highlight this issue. Homes with small children will also have to contend with frequent fingerprints.

For most homes, wooden televisions stands are the perfect option. They are durable, often have a combination of hidden and open storage and are easier to keep clean. There are a number of designs in wood including modern, rustic and traditional stands that make it easy to find just the right match to blend with the current furnishings. Some are painted and others stained and they come in a range of light and dark shades.

Choosing a stand will rely on knowing what size TV it will display. It is important to have the measurements handy and to select a stand that allows at least a couple of spare inches on each side. Weight matters too, or the stand could begin to sag after a short period of use. The product details with the stand will provide a maximum weight the furniture can hold. Whenever a TV stand is used with a flat screen TV, it is always a good idea to secure it to the wall. This will prevent the TV from tipping if the stand is bumped or a child or pet hangs onto the TV. Many new TVs come with straps for this purpose or can be purchased separately. It is an important consideration since over 40,000 people are injured by falling furniture each year.