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The Advantages of Using Instagram for Business Marketing Today a lot of people are finding the social media platform Instagram (short for instant camera and telegram) to be a very powerful and effective marketing tools where millions of people see your products or brand and grow a strong following from those who could related to that brand. Instagram is where one is capable of taking a picture or a video over one’s mobile phone and sending them for the purpose of sharing them. If you are a business using Instagram, you simply need to post the right images and consumers can see your marketing message without having to do your sales pitch. Even without selling your products or services to viewers, posting the right instagram image would create an appeal to viewers. We can note that social interaction nowadays take the form of visual like taking photos and videos of yourself at a certain great location or restaurant, and posting it so that your friends can see it. So today, it is very apparent that visual content has a great impact on social networks when it comes to marketing your products. And if word of mouth is a good form of recommendation for businesses, instagram is a great example of this but in visual form and businesses can take advantage of visually marketing products across marketing channels online.
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Here is an example of how Instagram used on your site allows you to connect with customers across multiple channels which will help to increase your cross channel engagement. Say for example that you post in your website a photo which you already have in your Instagram account. And, imagine the scenario where a browser in your website sees your Instagram photos, decide to follow you and reconnect with you later on. And this can work vice versa. Some may be browsing on Instagram photos that may lead them to and on your website.
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What you saw above is just an example of how these photos can be linked from one channel to another, with many channels you can make those links in. The people who visit your website from your Instagram photos are people who are really engaged. Meaning, it drives a more engage traffic than any other social channel simply because it is a mobile app. And because it is mobile, the chance of interacting with the person who can straightaway give any answer to the question of a viewing buyer, and one who is animatedly viewing a picture is more imminent. And since it is a mobile app, the original photos and videos created are all impromptu footages.