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Señorita Martita presents two permanent collections in exclusive semi-annual editions. By choosing quality modern Italian office furniture you are also ensuring your employees longevity factor of the company. Contemporary Shapes From European & Italian Designers For Bedroom, Bathroom, Dining Room, Kids, Family, Living Room and Outdoor Includes Contemporary Platform Beds, Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Desks and Rugs. The show brings together 650 objects designed by 400 Italian women, or female designers working for Italian companies. This Italian modern sofa bed can be completely disassembled for easy transportation and moving, and is available in three different sizes. While Italy’s dynastic family design set might have one foot in the past, it is a past whose legacy has very much helped to shape the present day and will continue to inform the future. The rendering of the scene is very close to that of the Italian pattern and may well have been the original inspiration for the famous Spode design.

The Italian version features large, wall graphics rather than a small, repeating pattern, and it looks very textural. Italian designers take their inspiration from a special artistic atmosphere existing in Italy, whose roots could be found in Giotto’s painting and Michelangelo’s sculpture, just to mention two of the most known Italian artists of the past. Italian designer furniture provides all types of beautiful items that can offer any bedroom a delicate and relaxed appearance you might wish to immerse on your own in at the conclusion of a long working session. One side is the classical way of working with designers: to have them come to the company for a new product briefing. From conceptual 3D design presentations to final color composition scheme, Italian Design resources can meet all your design needs. The course is addressed to students and professionals interested in product design.

Decorative cushions with their bright colors and varied Italian designs will completely change the way your Italian home décor looks. All of the 200 designers who work with us know they can call me and say, Alberto, I have a fantastic idea for you.” Then we start talking about it, designing it by telephone.

One thing you might want to do is be sure to decide on a room design that makes the most out of small spaces. The focus of the movement was the design of surfaces and colourful surfaces, the multi-functionality instead of mono -functionality and the communicative aspect of the products. In 1996 the company won Young & Design Award thanks to Più chair and from that moment on they kept designing and creating new chairs by following three main values: creativity, quality and innovation.

Above: The Tripolina chair was originally designed by American inventor Joseph B. Fenby, then produced by the Viganò firm in Tripoli, Libya, for the Italian market. Browse our website at to discover top quality Italian sofas and sectional sofas, modern sofa beds, space saving furniture and bedroom furniture. Join Casa Design in celebrating two designs that are still popular, even amidst the rapidly changing world of interior design. Thinking about where you place the furniture in the room is an additional tip for decorating a small dining room. You’ll find always different pieces of additional uncommon Italian designer furniture that you may include into your bedroom. The Italian home décor and the designs in Italy reflect the harmony that it brings into the home.italian design

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