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Paints and Their Different Purposes

We have a wide variety of colors that are used in surface different items and objects. Paints for a protective coat on the surfaces where they have been applied after drying. Paints increase the beauty of the material of the object to which they are applied. When paint is applied on a surface the serve different purposes. One can use different methods in application of paints to the surface. Many brands of paints are manufactured using three types of ingredients. Color on the very many colors in the market is a result of the added pigment. Manufacturing liquid and the binder are both mixed to form the liquid part of the paint.

Color dye makes the paint have its original color. Paint is protected by the color pigment which helps in absorption of ultraviolet light. Whitewash is probably the simplest kind of paint applies on both rough and smooth grounds. It has no binder and hence doesn’t play the role of protecting the surface. Binder is a film former or the resin generally in solid form. Main work of the binder is to hold the pigments together or to make a film over the surface. The solid particles of the binder are broken in the process of paint manufacturing and remains suspended in the liquid.

Excellent colors have some unique but essential features. Every good color should have the ability to hold well and evenly on the surfaces it is applied. When one is looking from far they should admire the evenness of the paint applied. Harsh environmental conditions should not easily affect the coating formed by good coats. Its hard to find one color that can serve all the painting services. As a result there are different kinds of paints that are used for various purposes to make sure that the painting work is excellent.

Primers and sealers are colors normally used on new and exposed woodwork. These colors can also be used in the plasters of walls. Such paints are very useful in offering a good protective layer to then the surfaces. Places with old paints can be painted using this kind of paints. They are effective in protecting the surfaces from chemical attack.

Some paints are referred to as undercoats. Sealers are applied and then an undercoat applied on the surfaces. When one wants to change the surface color they use undercoat. Undercoats are colors which are lighter in color used in covering a dark surface. Some colors are very bright and sticky and hence applied as the top layer. They provide the final decorative and protective layer on a surface. One should be very careful in choosing the topcoat for it to be beautiful.