Kit to Install a Gate Opener

Do you want to install your own gate opener? There is a comprehensive kit available which can be shipped directly to you and includes all the needed parts, hardware, complete instructions, and an instructional DVD that guides you step by step.

The innovative and revolutional upgrade kits convert ranch, farm, or cattle pipe rail or other type gates into automatic gates that open and close mechanically. A driver does not have to leave his truck, car, tractor, any farm vehicle, ATV, RV, golf cart, or any other vehicle and does not have to be bothered by rain, mud, snow, or ice. The gate’s PVC-sleeved bump arm is gently pushed with the vehicle’s bumper at a slow-rolling speed until the gate swings open completely and stays open according to the adjustments.

Just be cautioned that any attachment on the vehicle’s front end could get trapped in the bumper arms and result in damage to the kit or the vehicle. This especially refers to a low-to-the-ground passenger car that has just a plastic skirting around the vehicle’s front. Be sure that no part of the skirting touches the kit’s bottom plate so no damage can occur.

This inventive 32″ x 25″ x 8″ kit can be installed in five do-it-yourself steps by one person and even by someone with disabilities. No electricity of any kind is necessary. The gate’s latch can be adjusted in increments to hold it open for as long as 45 seconds. Extension rods are provided if needed for adaptation of some gates. Some posts may need to be securely pounded into the ground or concreted. The average mounting time is usually about half a day.

Bump N’ Drive, manufactured in Marble Hill, Missouri, is the name of this particular kit for the installation of functional and economical automatic cattle gates or home gate openers for farmers, ranchers, and also owners of small properties.

The inventor was Michael Merget, who was inspired by his work on a northern Australia two-million-acre cattle station where he saw drivers push gates open with their truck or Jeep bumpers. He eventually designed and patented this mechanism that holds a gate open as you drive through it and then closes it.