How to organise your garage for winter

Whilst preparing your house for winter is essential, don’t forget to make sure your garage is also ready. Mud, snow and rain can damage the items stored in a garage, so here are some ways to keep them clean and dry. An organised garage also means you can find everything more easily and optimises the amount of space to store everything.

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Pick things up off the floor

Don’t be tempted to simply store things on the floor. In winter, it is best to keep the garage floor as clear as possible. Any snow, ice or rain that get into your garage will make any items left out wet and muddy.

Have a special closet for wet clothes

If you have muddy or wet clothes that you don’t want to mess up your house, you could have a designated closet or cupboard for them in your garage. If you play sports in winter or take the dogs for walk through muddy fields, any boots or clothing can be stored here to dry before it is washed.

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Sketch out your designs

A good design will make maximum use of space. Consider what you have to store in your garage and the best places for them. Some belongings could be put in a cupboard, while others may be better hanging from hooks on the walls or ceiling. For items that are used frequently, garage shelving systems from suppliers such as are great ideas. You can see where the items are, and being off the ground means they won’t get dirty or lost.

Put labels on everything

If you have items in boxes, your storage will be much more efficient if you know what is in each one. You can put labels on every box so that you don’t have to rummage inside to find what you are looking for.

Keep winter tools close by

Make sure things that you are going to use often are easy to reach and not in a box hidden behind other boxes. You can keep shovels or cleaning equipment near the door so that they are easy to find. If you live in a cold area, you could also keep a small bin filled with salt or sand near the door for when your driveway gets frozen.


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