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Pests have been with humans for as long as one can remember. These are organisms considered to be dangerous to human health, his performance, plants & domestic animals and the environment in general.

Pests can be subdivided into insects, for example mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, praying mantis, etc. and rodents, such as mice, rats, squirrels, etc.

In response to their detrimental influences, human beings have been known to deploy a series of methods and actions to either destroy this species or protect themselvesfrom them.  The easiest and, probably least professional is the use of poisons. Using poison might as well inflict damage on you, your family or your pets, so you should think twice before using it.

Needless to say that if you have problems with pests you should call for a professional help. Exterminating services is a must if your house is infested with unwanted guests.

Popular methods of pets’ control

There are a number of methods that can be used for pest control today. In fact, a lot of these methods are designed to stop these pests from breeding rather than destroy them.

From the use of baits, where a pest’s favourite meal is placed in a trap usually to target rodents, use of poisons in their meals, use of pest repellents, to a crop duster for large plantations and insecticides professional exterminators know how to lessen the danger to human lives and health.They know dozens of ways to make your residential or commercial building safe again.

Effects of Pests on Humans, ecological system and Plants

  • Pests are dangerous to human health
  • They can act as carriers of diseases and sicknesses.
  • Their faecesare hazards to humans.
  • They can also serve as hosts to other dangerous organisms.
  • Mosquitoes can transfer serious sicknesses and illness.
  • They destroy plants and food.
  • Some of the household pests may destroy important documents.
  • The chemicals use in treating pests can become also harmful to human health.
  • Some of them leave scratches and itching on the body after their bites.

The Need for a Professional Service

Sometimes, it’s the direct human activities that attract these insects and animals. A professional pest control practitioners may, therefore, suggest a change of life patterns or behaviour as a safe and efficient way of ensuring proper pest control. For instance, proper waste disposal, good garden and home hygiene and quality treatments on home and office furniture may turn out to be the most efficient approach to eliminate dangerous insects and rodents around.

Some insects and rodents naturally developed resistance to certain biological and chemical control. It helps them to endure and tolerate a range of chemical, biological measures and, sometimes, poisons intended to stop them. Consequently, they become a huge headache to the environment and constitute even bigger hazards to humans.

Getting services from a professional pest control personnel is thus advisable to both study the behaviours and apply the most efficient, thorough and safe treatment and ensure these disruptive and destructive, uninvited guests are completely exterminated.

The Impacts of Misuse of Pest Control

Sometimes, a set of pests can attack a large area of land ora plantation destroying a huge amount of crops planted by farmers. In response, farmers could deploy crop dusters, apply pesticides or simply spray chemicals manually. On a number of occasions, repellents have also been used.

On several occasions, farmers have deployed traps and predatory animals like dogs and cats to eliminate pests. This is a safe method except that some of the animals can sometimes constitute nuisances to the crops.

All these could bring about grievous negative impacts on man, animals and the plants themselves.

For instance, during the late 90s, Nigeria, a country in the Western part of Africa had a scenario that explains how unprofessional chemical pest control could constitute a major harm to human lives.

There were reports of deaths of locals. It was later discovered that the chemical used in protecting the plants was the cause of the deaths and the particular sets of beans were withdrawn from the market.

Besides the use of harmful chemical, modern methods have been using safe and healthy methods to address farm pests. They range from taking good care of the environment to stop the pests from breeding, use of bird control spikes, crop rotation, creating physical barriers and fostering beneficial organisms.

You best alternatives at dealing with these unwanted guests

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