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Gas and Wood Fire Pits Both Offer an Appealing Outdoor Atmosphere for Cabin Resorts


The owner of a small old-fashioned resort is always looking for ways to compete with more modern, luxurious enterprises. A group of spacious cottages in the woods can be appealing to people who want to get away from it all, but new and improved features can grab the attention of prospective vacationers with many options before them. Fire pits and hardscaping from a company like Colorado Custom Design Landscapes provide certain advantages over a small barbecue grill on a post standing in the grass.

A Pleasant Atmosphere

With a beautifully designed brick paver patio around a fire pit, vacationers staying in the cabin look forward to relaxing in lawn chairs or patio furniture at any time of day. They can cook fish they caught, or burgers and steaks they bought at the store. Potatoes wrapped in foil cook perfectly at the edge of the flames.

Night tends to get chilly in the mountains even in the summertime. Vacationers appreciate lounging around the fire pit after changing into jeans and sweatshirts. The kids like roasting marshmallows over the coals, and the adults may even indulge themselves in this activity as well. On evenings when mosquitoes want to hang around, the smoke and heat from the flames keep them away.

Advantages of Gas vs. Wood Fire Pits

Some landscaping companies offer a choice to customers between wood fire pits and gas ones. Each has its own advantages, which are similar to those found with wood and gas fireplaces in homes. The decision between gas and wood fire pits is up to the resort owner, of course, but this individual might ask guests, conduct a casual online survey or create a poll on a busy message board asking for opinions.

Gas fire pits are not messy because of wood debris, and nobody has to keep adding wood to the fire. They don’t leave everyone smelling like a campfire afterward, although some resort guests will view this as a downside. The fire roars up immediately after lighting it. Starting a wood fire can take some time. But people who prefer the sound, sight and smell of a traditional wood fire will prefer that version.