Floor Type That Can Beautify Your Home

In modern times as it is today, a floor is not just a material that covers the bottom of the house but also is a material capable of displaying a beauty for a room. There is even a home floor that is able to become a media therapy so it will be able to become a floor that exudes a beauty and has a million benefits. If we see in terms of variations, the floor of this house has a lot of variety. However, in general, this wooden floor has two types of natural wood floor types and types of artificial wood flooring. These natural floors include wood flooring, known as parquet or parquet, then stone floors and marble floors. While the artificial floor is a floor with cement materials, ceramic flooring and vinyl flooring. To be clear, you can read the following explanation: and For more information you can visit https://www.reclaimedflooringco.com/.

  • Wooden floor
    In addition can be used as a construction of buildings such as walls and roofs, this wood can also be used as a floor. The basic materials of this wood used are ulin wood, bengkirai wood, teak wood, and others. The look of a wooden floor has its own artistic aesthetic value and is able to provide warmth to an interior room. Contemporary and modern nuances will be seen clearly from the floor of this wooden house. There are two types of wooden flooring, namely wooden flooring made from genuine wood powder by utilizing a technology for its manufacture. And another one is solid wood with a layer that has a texture, natural motifs and distinctive colors.
  • Floor Marble And Granite
    Marble and granite is a type of rock that is formed from nature that can not be renewed. The manufacturing process is only done by cutting and has a relatively expensive price. The look is very luxurious to make this type of floor has a class of its own when applied to a modern home interior. Marble and granite floors have motifs, hues and a distinctive look that look very exclusive and attractive.
  • Ceramic floor
    Ceramic floor is a floor that is most widely used by most homeowners because it has a relatively very cheap price with a very beautiful display. Motif, color and size can be tailored to the needs so it is very flexible and will always be beautifully applied on the floor of your home. In fact, the tile floor is not only used for a home floor but also used for walls so that the walls of the house look more beautiful to charm.
  • Vinyl Floor
    This vinyl floor is a home floor that can be installed and dismantled very easily and quickly. Even for the treatment also tends to be very easy so you do not have to bother to spend the cost to take care of him. The vinyl floor is a wooden floor that is glued and taped to the floor. Fireproof and very strong and resistant to water are the hallmark of this vinyl flooring not only for home use but also for public buildings.

You can choose wood flooring as described above to suit your taste and needs to beautify and beautify your home