Eco-friendly flooring solutions

A new floor can transform the appearance of a room, but trends are changing. Once people only thought about the appearance of the floor, but today lots of people also want flooring that is environmentally friendly.

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Here are some of the most innovative eco-friendly flooring solutions for you to choose from.

Cork flooring

When people used to think about cork they only thought about wine bottle stoppers. Now cork has lots of uses, and one of the main ones is eco-friendly flooring. This is because cork is a renewable material that grows back very quickly. It also has lots of other benefits. According to The Telegraph, cork floors provide thermal insulation, which means that they will help to lower your energy bills. They can also help to soundproof a room. As cork is soft and bouncy underfoot, it is ideal for bedrooms and nurseries.

Cork can also be dyed different colours, so you can choose from a wide range of colours besides natural and light brown.

Second-hand wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is generally not viewed as an eco-friendly option as it can take decades to grow, but second-hand wooden flooring is a great form of recycling. Second-hand wooden flooring also tends to be very beautiful and unique looking, as it is hard to find similar flooring in other homes!

There are lots of other advantages to second-hand wooden flooring and as the wood is pre-seasoned, the planks won’t move once they have been installed. They will also be more damp-proof than new wooden flooring, and they will be better at retaining heat.

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Eco-friendly tiled flooring

Another option is eco-friendly tiled flooring. There are lots of companies that create tiles from recycled materials. For instance, a company called Eco Friendly Tiles has started to use old TV screens to create a base for their tiles. Other companies redecorate pre-used tiles to create a fresh new look.

Tiled flooring can come in lots of different materials, colours and sizes, so this option is perhaps the most versatile on the list. Tiled flooring is best suited to the bathroom and the kitchen, but it can be used in any room in the house if you choose the right design.