Designs For The Deck

The deck is usually a space that is plain with a few pieces of outdoor furniture. With a few ideas, you can transform your deck or patio into an area that is relaxing and that offers everything you need to entertain friends and family.

Lighting The Way
One of the first things to consider when designing the space is the deck and patio lighting. You want to place the light sources in areas where people will be sitting and where people will walk to get back and forth between the house and the deck. Solar lights are an option. You can get small lights that you put in the ground at most retail stores. Another lighting idea is to string a set of lights around the top of the deck if there is a cover. In order to get all of the wiring and lights correctly in place, you can hire a professional company like Outdoor Lighting Perspective.

Multiple Levels
If there is more than one level, then you want to create different entertaining spaces. One level could be used for a sitting area that includes a couch, a few chairs, a coffee table and other items that you might find inside the living room. Make sure the furniture that you use is weatherproof if you don’t build any kind of cover or roof for the deck. The other level can include a grill and table for enjoying food that you prepare outside.

Add A Bit Of Color
Bring nature to your deck with a few plants in colorful pots. You can also take the opposite approach with pots of neutral colors and in various sizes with plants that are in multiple colors. A lounge chair with an umbrella situated in the center of the plants allows for a beautiful setting to read a book or enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the outdoors. This is an idea that you can use if you live in an apartment or if you live in a busy city and aren’t around a lot of trees or plants.

Enjoying The Fire
If you don’t have a place in the yard for a fire pit but still want to be a part of the latest trend, then use a portable pit in the center of the deck. You want to have a base underneath the deck so that the embers don’t burn the wood. Place comfortable seating around the pit so that you can enjoy the warmth of the fire and the brilliant color of the flames any time of the year.