Commercial Carpet Tiles For Office & Commercial Installations

Carpet tiles were once thought of as cheap and ugly looking forms of carpet. Or for any area that requires durable the easy cleaning property of a tiles, while still maintaining the warmth and insulation properties of carpet. These tiles have a flat closed-cell foam bottom and can trap moisture beneath the floor, so the subfloor should be checked regularly in basements where moisture is a concern.

It turned out, though, that a customer complained that the tacky coating on the back of the tiles wound up leaving a sticky residue on her nice wood floor, which it was believed would not be the case. If you’re not sure which carpet tile to choose from our range, then why not ask for free samples.

Loose lay vinyls are 5mm high and sit extremely well with most loose lay carpet tiles without the need for trims or bars between the two types of flooring. And if worse comes to worse, we can easily pop out a tile and replace it. We are very happy with these tiles and they give our basement a warmer feel.

Greatmats also offers a large selection of commercial carpet tiles with a high friction StayTac Backing system which allows the carpet squares to be laid without adhesives. Depending on the quality of the adhesive used, these tiles may or may not leave a sticky residue when removed. Cutting waste in the case of carpet tiles is less than in the case of wall-to-wall carpeting, however we advise ordering 5 to 10{fd693126d2ecaa5454766a11497f56b3504a20011f5dbec058b94731914bcd07} extra for difficult areas such as recesses, corners and so on. I would like to use carpet tiles in an area for rolling chairs, and then transition them to soft foam tiles. Unlike broadloom carpet, carpet tiles can be installed without expensive tools and years of carpet laying skills, so they’re are perfect for Do It Yourself installations.

Standard variation is a pvc backed 5mm (approx) thick tile and is a 25{fd693126d2ecaa5454766a11497f56b3504a20011f5dbec058b94731914bcd07} thicker specification than other more expensive budget tiles we have found on the market at the time of this listing. If the stain is set too deeply, simply recycle the stained carpet tile and replace the empty space with a new tile. It’s not as easy to spot if you use a solid color for your interlocking carpet tiles, but contrasting colors makes the shape stand out very much indeed. Individual tiles can be easily replaced without having to replace complete areas. If your basement were to become flooded, we would recommend removing the flooring as soon as possible. Whether you’re rearranging a pattern or throwing them out altogether, it’s not hard to manipulate your carpet tile as needed. Rug tiles are a great way to quickly refresh the design of your home or apartment.