Cleaning Products Made for Those Who Hate Housework

Housework is an unenjoyable task for most people, from vacuuming to dusting, washing up to ironing, there are few more mind-numbing tasks than cleaning. This is why much time and money goes into developing ways to make cleaning easier and faster. Read on to discover some of the most recent innovations for people who hate housework.

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Dustpan Groomer

A dustpan groomer is a nifty item that puts rubber teeth on the edge of a dustpan in order to comb the sweeping brush through after each use, to keep the dust particles in the dustpan and not in the brush to go back onto the floor.

Baby Mop and Microfiber Slippers

Another cleaning marvel is a baby mop. Place the special onesie on your baby and the microfiber mops attached to the arms and legs will mop the floor while the baby crawls around! A similar design is also available for slippers.

Oven Liner

An oven liner is a useful sheet that is placed at the bottom of the oven. The liners are non-stick to ensure they can be placed and removed easily. Although taking care of the oven might seem boring, housework in general is seen as quite important by many people and there are even courses in how to run a home.

Smart Doormat

The smart doormat is a clever invention that absorbs and traps water, so it is ideal for use on the doorstep if you own pets who trample wet paws across your floor. In fact, certain flooring choices can be better than others when it comes to pets and a good online flooring company such as should be able to advise on the best flooring solution for your individual needs.

Magnetic Scrubber

Another invention is the magnetic scrubber, which is ideal for cleaning inside awkwardly-shaped bottles. Simply put the small scrubbing disc inside the bottle and use the handheld part on the other side of the glass to guide the disc around through magnetism. Genius!

Roomba Vacuum

The Roomba may be more expensive than other cleaning aids but it is certainly a wonderful invention. The Roomba is a disc-shaped robot vacuum cleaner that whizzes around your home hoovering up the particles. You can set it going and leave it to clean, and afterwards it returns itself to its station to recharge.