Century Modern And 1970s

Canada’s housing market continues to grow stronger, despite repeated market-cooling measures and an economy that is struggling. This may be a good option if you want to take advantage of differences in how depreciation is handled in Canada versus the US. For example I believe Canada provides the option to not depreciate a property (and therefore not be reducing the cost basis of the property for a future capital gain calculation).

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The benefits of having a Canadian peerage and a House of Lords are obvious, but to sum up again, its members would no longer be lackeys of whatever prime minister was in power, thereby greatly reducing his already enormous power, while serving as a check on the mob elected Commons, and reducing the number of bad and irresponsible bills that become law.

This is incredible news for a province and country rich in oil and natural gas, with economies dominated by the resource sector, and millions of homes heated with natural gas, and the incredible clout Enbridge and Trans Canada seems have had in recent years with both the Canadian Government and the US government.

However with the adoption of the lie that only the Commons held genuine legitimacy because of its election by the mob (sorry the people), coupled with the so-called reform of 1965 which forced senators to retire at 75, the Senate had become largely irreverent, and no longer does the job for which it was intended.