The Best Fire Protection System For The Server Room in Your Office

Although it has received insurance allowances, but most companies that have just been hit by fire accident in general are unable to get back fully intact given the losses caused by fire is very large. Not only financial losses to buildings and property in it, but the loss of safety that impacts health and even life damages that must be borne by the company if there are users of buildings that are victims of the fire accident. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of major fire hazards, the company always equip buildings with fire protection equipment. However, the selection of the best fire protection systems for server spaces such as Fire Alarms to fire extinguishers should be tailored to the type of location or room that the system will install. Actually the most make the brain spin when determining the best fire protection system for server space. For more …

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Directional Coupler Specifications

Directional couplers are designed for various applications, and are typically available in flat-pack, plug-in, connected, and surface mount packages. All units are specifically designed and constructed to meet stringent environmental requirements and are made to ensure control of vital parameters, including input/output return loss and insertion loss.

Designed especially for high power applications, RF directional couplers are able to operate with up to 25 watts of RF input. These reactive devices feature very low insertion loss, and the majority of models feature an internal 50-ohm termination. In such cases, power that is coupled from various power incidents to the output port will be absorbed and won’t be available to the user. However, 4-port models feature both the reflected and incident coupled power available.

Directional couplers are fundamentally meant to make two output signals available by operating on an input. Having said that, when input is applied to an internally terminated …

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