How to Care and Maintenance of Cooling Machine in Freezer Room


Treatment of the cooling chamber is very important for the goods stored in it, even more important to extend the life of the cooler.

How to care for the refrigerant, please refer to the translation as follows:

HOW TO TREATMENT Clean the condenser unit.

  • Clean condenser unit from dust attached with brush maximum of one month, if condenser unit assisted fan condenser Clean condenser fan and lubricate condenser fan motor up to 6 months.
  • The clean and dirty of the condenser unit has a major effect on the cooling process of a cooling machine, if the condenser is so dirty the cooling process runs slowly and the larger electricity consumption and will cause damage to the compressor unit,

Cleaning Evaporator Unit

  • Clean Evaporator Units from dirt that stick with brush or brush, If the Evaporator Unit has a lot of ice flakes melted by turning off the engine and let
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Lighting Your Entertainment Space

One often overlooked aspect of the home entertainment space or man cave is the lighting. It is often either too bright, with a light from a window causing an annoying glare on a TV, or it is so dark that you are tripping over your own feet. Here are a few tips to give your space just the right vibe.

Backlight your TV

Many of us watch a TV while sitting in the dark. It is a bright panel against a black wall. This is not the most optimal situation for our eyes. The TV will look better if it has a small amount of light behind and around the sides. A backlight can help it all look better.

An easy way to do this is with LED strips. You can buy pre-made lengths of LED lights in a tube or a strip. You can find them online or at …

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