Basement Finishing Ideas

Seating with built-in storage maximizes function with both storage and seating while maintaining a clean look. While they’re exposed, slip foam insulation sleeves over hot-water pipes to prevent heat loss and over cold-water ones to prevent condensation from dripping on the inside of the drywall or ceiling. Finished Basements Plus is the certified Total Basement Finishing dealer in the South Lyon, Novi, Rochester and Livonia areas. Cork and ceramic tile are excellent flooring choice in this case and moisture barriers are an excellent idea to install before ‘finishing’ a basement. The easiest way to do this is to assess what’s lacking in the rest of the house and utilize the finished basement for that.

Put up floor to ceiling skylines of Las Vegas, pop in a poker table, and you’re in a penthouse suite overlooking the gambling capital of the world. Now…if it’s design solving basement ideas you looking for, Google Images is NOT going to do you much good. Therefore, here I give you some important things to consider in designing waterproofing basement. Who among us would not love a basement home theater area that is part of a cave that is full-blown. This is because basement has all of your needs and can cater to your every need when it comes to entertainment, fun, and space.

With a little creativity and sweat homeowners can apply this basement remodel concept from as little as $100. Some are such excellent imitations of wood, tiles or stone that they look totally authentic, giving a rich feel to your basement. In fact, with the low ceiling and low light in the basement, this is probably the most perfect area in your home to turn into a great media room complete with surround sound and theater seating. A finished basement feels more like an upstairs oasis when it’s packed with so many great design ideas. Here are some basement remodeling ideas that you can apply yourself at home might be useful. Pay attention to the placement of various basement activities when you’re laying out your space. This DIY tool caddy by Mom 4 Real , built out of pegboard, is great for storage.

If you are planning a renovation of your basement or you have an unfinished basement and you wonder how to use the space, these small basement ideas will be a good guideline. Ample lighting has to be added to the basement too so that the homeowners will not be groping in the dark. If your basement has no windows at all here’s an idea that may not necessarily fool the eye but adds some needed atmosphere. The easiest and probably the best way to add an entrance is to contact a company that specializes in adding basement ingress/egress doors. Workshop If you enjoy working on small projects why not use a broad measure of the basement ideas with low ceilings to set up a warm garage that allows you to build throughout the year. Ceiling tiles including acoustic material design carved wood or metal tin embossed with patterns of antique or vintage.

Since the basement walls need finishing, you can save on costs and make a style statement by leaving some of the elements intentionally exposed! Another way to make your basement a fun experience to entertain your guests is by decorating your walls with sports memorabilia. Caveman cozy fireplace with dark wooden floors soft sofa coffee table surrounded by sports memorabilia. Basement walls and floors are generally some sort of masonry, cement, block or brick, and a regular ‘ol nail or screw isn’t going to cut it when attaching framing.