Basement Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel & Decor

Do It Yourself is a modern segment of home design which is based upon empowering home owners to tackle home renovation projects their way. But as you’ll see below, and you’ve no doubt seen elsewhere finished basement has grown to include a variety of styles and functions and includes a variety of furniture cavemen. Install at least one recessed canister light in the basement ceiling for every 36 square feet of floor space, then add accent lights to eliminate any remaining dim areas. If you do not have a barrier hang below your beam you can easily finish the ceiling of basement den ideas using drywall or decorative panels such as wall panels grooved. You may have a preconceived notion that such a ceiling will look more like an office than a home, but there are plenty of attractive options available.

Laminate or vinyl interlocking tile or plank flooring systems will not be ruined if the basement floods. Because of the lack of help on the internet I have decided to do a bit of my own thinking when it comes to designing a basement. Welcome to the fabulous world of basement finishing, where usually nothing is straight forward and being design creative is a prerequisite for your floor plan creation. According to the 2015 Remodeling Magazine Report , the average return on investment (ROI) of a basement remodel is 72.8 percent. If you take a look at most basement decorating ideas, you’ll see that typically bigger is better. Call Pritchett Brothers Construction today at (877) 388-9080 to schedule an in-home consultation and estimate for your basement remodeling project. A piles of basement flooring ideas are available out there to help you minimize your worry.

Whether you’d like a home theater or a children’s playroom, we can help you transform an underused basement into the bonus room you’ve always dream about. Many basements are accessed by a narrow stairway that makes it look like you’re heading the basement.

Guest bedroom due to the built-in thermal insulation that helps keep the basement at comfortable temperature, making it easier for your guests to sleep, even in the winter. This design of ceiling occupies a lot of your vertical space, thereby reducing the effective height of the ceiling. Basement Decorating Ideas for Family Room – Finishing the ceiling basement you instantly turn your basement into living space. A grid of ceiling beams adds texture, conceals plumbing, and draws the eye toward the brick hearth.

Basement rooms can be used for many purposes: laundry, home theater, game playing, hobbies and crafts, and the list goes on. There are many building codes intended to ensure the safety of occupants that apply to all of the above. When coming up with a basement finishing plan or basement designs, bear in mind that this below-grade space provides a uniquely quiet, private space with the unique feel that makes it perfect as a separate area in the home. While a basement could be used for anything that a normal area of the house could be used for, it can be the best area for certain types of rooms. Review a few of the most common problems found in basements and the ceiling solutions that can help fix them. From room to room themed game for outstanding media room basement room in many homes is a space that adds fun and functionality, and unique style to many homes.basement Ideas