Bamboo Flooring Sample Request Page

Morning Star Clic engineered flooring is constructed with a real hardwood veneer atop a moisture-resistant MDF core (medium density fiberboard) which is made from real wood fibers that are compressed into a dense, impact-resistant format. In fact, this characteristic of the bamboo floor is better than most hardwood floorings. Fair Pacific Bamboo is the premier bamboo flooring company in the US. At Fair Pacific, our bamboo flooring planks are the heart of our business. It was then that Doug Lewis, the founder of bamboo hardwoods, moved to Vietnam to set up a factory producing bamboo flooring.

What is less well known is that Thomas Edison made his first lamp filament from carbonized bamboo. Mature bamboo has an extensive root system that continues to send up new shoots for decades. Bamboo flooring is now very popular among people because of their compatibility and adds beauty to your home. From the manufacturer’s point of view, bamboo flooring and bamboo itself is a very good material. Read the bamboo flooring reviews and other information on this website to learn more. Savings can also be realized by installing Bamboo flooring yourself other than hiring a person to install for you.

Duro Design – More than 50 colors in bamboo flooring, combining advanced coating technology with the resilience and beauty of natural bamboo textures to produce state of the art bamboo flooring. Planks are 36 inches long, 3 5/8 inches wide, and 5/8 inches thick for easy installation and reduced waste.

The dimensional stability of bamboo flooring is one key reason for its meteoric popularity with interior designers and architects, not to mention its rapid renewability. We are also specialised in Bamboo Flooring in Brisbane We have been servicing our clients with extreme care and comfort since several years. At those rates, bamboo can be a bit pricey—low-end bamboo is about on par with red oak strip flooring.

Using bamboo fibers fused together with an environmentally safe adhesive put under extreme heating pressure creates carbonized bamboo flooring. Always remember to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, which are enclosed in a package with flooring, if you are planning self installation. Flooring made from inferior species or younger bamboo dents and wears more readily.