Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Stone for Home

Back to nature, including in terms of making a house with natural stone, not always in the advantages possessed. Of course the lack is still a characteristic that exists to him. But whatever it is, the obvious nature of human nature is his nature (originally, originally) like natural things so back to nature more to return to nature.

Trends in natural stone houses come with Go Green campaign or back to Nature. Not only from the natural diet but also the pattern of natural dwelling that many people do around the world. Perhaps the modern era can’t satisfy the conscience, human nature. Though the modern era is also the era that is needed in life such as long distance communication and others. In essence more to the sense of longing naturalness in the midst of saturation in life that increasingly congested various problems.

Before you intend to make your house back to nature, so as not to assume that back to nature there are no shortcomings, better understand first how the shortcomings and advantages of natural stone for the house (walls, terraces, fences and others).

1. Excess Natural Stone for Home

House Memorable Natural. House coated with natural stone with a maximum let alone the theme used for the house more to the traditionalist theme, of course, the look of the house will look very natural / natural. Houses with natural stone will make the human conscience satisfied as if the house has returned to its original life.

The House Is Far More Colorful. Natural stone has a characteristic that there are streaks such as tree streaks, some have a mixture of colors, some have a beautiful glow and so on. When different types of different characteristics are united all, it will produce a colorful house effect. This makes the residents will be much more colorful in life at home.

House Sale Price Much More Expensive. Obviously more expensive because the basic material is also expensive. But the selling price of the house can be more expensive and increasingly expensive just because of the increase of natural stone. Because the house has a variety of rocks in the beautiful design, of course the price of the house becomes expensive. Not to mention the increase due to land prices and so forth. As we know, home property investment has not decreased except for certain cases and that is rare.

2. Lack of Natural Stone for Home

The Color can’t be Uniform. Certain brick pointing have uniform shades. It is one of the advantages. But the problem is that it requires its own skills in the installation. But you do not need to worry, because natural stone manufacturers usually have designed the model of natural stone so it can be easy to install.

Has Large Pores. It is not for all rocks. As for some stones that have large pores have its own problems such as mossy because the water easily seeps in the rock. This certainly needs to be handled separately with a coating device so that water does not enter. But it needs a coating that still shows the authenticity of the stone.

The Risk of Corrugation Is Difficult To Fix. If the house hit by floods to soil the walls made of stone, of course still can be overcome by sprayed with water. But the problem is when there are people who intentionally scribbling deliberately with plastic paint, it is very difficult to overcome. Most solution that can be overcome is replacing the stone. The risk of replacing the stone will have its own hassles when the adhesive on the natural stone is very strong.