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Adding Excitement to Your Home

Many homeowners struggle to make their homes something exciting to be in. Many home owners want to play it safe and so they stick to traditional designs and lay out which, for one reason or another, looks dull and boring. Traditional designs are neat but if you want to have a really cool home, they you have to take risks, and many people don’t want to do that. But when such is the case, you home will look pretty dull and generic. If you are willing to try something different, then you will have a more interesting home. If you want to create a modern twist to your home, consider the tips below.

Many times, a lot of homeowners are really unsure what the best color to paint their walls is. Examining homes today will give you a picture of dullness because of the colors that most homeowners choose. They don’t really have color on the walls. People say you can’t get wrong with white or magnolia, but on walls, yes, it is a safe, non risky color, but dull. However, this also means that your home will not have a real personality. You can add life to your home by picking one wall and making it a feature wall. You can keep the other walls white but make one a vibrant color like yellow or burgundy It might be extreme but with proper lighting and the white walls all around, it will not soon overpower your room. But, it will make your room a little more exciting.

Many times there are so many furniture lined up in our living room like it is a showcase of some famous company, just like all the other homes in your neighborhood. And the reason for this is because people tend to buy furniture in those huge furniture stores which are popular in your area. If you don’t want to have the same furniture that your neighbor has, then go to a furniture shop that is not so popular and shop for your furniture there. Get yourself coffee table sets from a neat place somewhere. Your home will then have that trendy flair that you don’t see in other people’s homes. Your home will surely stand out and will provide new options for your home furnishings.

If you can have the same furniture as everyone else’s, you can also have the same home d?cor are they do. If you don’t want to have decors similar to what your neighbors have, then don’t buy decors from large stores. Thrift shops and little antique shops can give you unique d?cor for your home. In a thrift shop most of the items you buy are truly affordable. With many unique decors to choose from, you can make your home look really exciting with these.