7 Ways of Remodeling the Bedrooms Attractive and Comfortable

Have you ever felt that the bedroom is not comfortable, or you feel tightness in it? Indeed when you do the most important thing you want to do is relax in a comfortable bedroom in order to rest and sleep soundly. If you already feel your bedroom is not comfortable, maybe this is the time for you to do the renovation so that the atmosphere of your bedroom back to be more comfortable and enjoyable. The trick is very easy, you just need to do some of the following:

Air Setup

When you are remodeling the sleeping bed, start by setting the air outlet, and to do so can put a window on the side of the bedroom, with a such air circulation becoming more concentrated so you can breathe better in the bedroom, But also good air also affects your sleeping comfort, try to make it more soothing and much more comfortable. Add also small plants that can refresh the room so it can become more qualified.

The position of the bed

In order to get a good Fengshui in the bedroom, try to put your bed away from the door of the room not only to avoid collisions but also this method can make your bedroom more comfortable, then put 2 desks and 2 sides to facilitate access to the bed Essential items such as mobile phones, drinking water, books, etc., as long as the bed where you are very easy to move from the basket of both sides, complete with a neat decoration and can produce a good Fengshui sensation for health and comfort.

Select Appropriate Matches

The decoration you wear in the bedroom also affects the flow of Fengshui around it, for example, painting, use a painting that shows the representation of something you want. For example, mountain scenery, does not wear paintings that show sadness, but always wear a painting that imaged happiness, love and tranquility. With the right painting will affect your mood in the morning or before bed, use also decorations such as dream catchers and Crystal to produce a calming atmosphere in the bedroom.

Connected With the Nature

If the room is located at the end of the house, it will be very easy for you to make the room connected out. With like this, your room will feel bigger and easier to expose to natural sunlight, so that your room feels natural and free from unpleasant odors. Try to put a large window to let the sunlight into the room, psychologically by having a room that is connected to the outside world will provide a calm and more comfortable effect.

Select a Theme of Your Taste

For adults, making decision for the bedroom’s theme is something different from making decisions for children’s bedroom theme such as Spiderman, or hello kitty, for adults to make the theme of the bedroom can be based on colors such as classic monochrome, and play with the coloring Black or white, you can also play with the color of wallpaper bed sheets, to decorate the bedroom table. To choose the style of Europe can be with the color of white leather, cream, black, for the style of Asia can use furniture made of wood or bamboo in addition to beautify your room, decoration like also can provide the natural essence to the environment of the room and the surrounding atmosphere.

Light Setup

Light is the most important element in the room, the arrangement of light greatly affects the quality of rest you get. Put both small lights on both sides of the bed, because with that when you sleep light from the light will not hurt your eyes and you can be fresher when waking up from sleep, use a yellow light as a bedtime because in relaxing the eyes and sleep, On the main lamp wear white colored lights to provide side effects on coloring and theme rooms.

Your room is your personal

Not only the tips above tips only, you must also insert the essence of uniqueness personality you in the room, display Photograph that shows your creativity and stacking place that is very easy to reach ready for a table near your bedroom where you can put displays – With your own collection.