6 Great Book Gift Ideas for Your Bookworm Brother

Old people have always said that reading is a habit that makes one knowledgeable and wiser. In today’s age of e-reading or e-books, the magic of papers is still doing fine because certain things can never change with time just the way your relationship with your brother can never change. So, if your brother is a reader type, you can choose the following books as a gift for him on rakhi.

 The Martian: This is a science fiction novel written by Andy Weir which was later translated on silver screen. It is a story where an astronaut named Mark Watney is stranded on Mars. So, it is a survival story where a human being had to struggle in a different planet for survival. Doesn’t matter your brother is into science fiction novels or not, he is going to love every page of this one!

 Harry Potter Series: Harry Potter has become a cult classic since its release and the fame is not only limited to the kid’s world. Adults like this J.K. Rowling creation equally for the detailed introspection into the world of wizards. Let your brother delve into the adventurous story of Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermoine once again. Along with your careful selection of rakhi for your brother in Ahmedabad, don’t forget this wonderful book.

 The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: Written by Robin Sharma, this created the right kind of stir in the world of book lovers for its unconventional take on spirituality. We all are running in the maze of success, fame, competition and in this melodrama we often forget to be happy which results in a distressed life. A book like this can be a forever guide to anyone you gif. If your brother have spent at least 5 years in corporate world, he would totally need this book.

The Famous Five: This one is a much loved series of book form the rack of children special books. In case your brother is still in junior school, you can get this series of book for him. Enid Blyton just beautifully captured the fun and excitement of childhood in these books. Let your brother spend a lovely vacation with these books.

Night Film: A Novel: Marisha Pessl wrote this wonderful novel and if your brother loves watching movies apart from reading, he would love this thriller for sure. Ashley is the daughter of a horror movie-maker named Stanislas Cordova who dies and shocks everyone. This book is an investigation on that death and includes motivating elements like screenshots of websites, newspaper clippings which holds on to the interest level of a reader.

 Diary of A Wimpy Kid: This cannot be termed as a book or novel as the style of writing of Jeff Kinney is like a journal or diary and that perfectly suits the title of the book. The story of an obstinate middle school goer named Greg Heffley and his daily hilarious incidents form the basis of this book which would make people of any age laugh out loud.