4 Ways to Recruit New Talent to Your Engineering Firm

Recruitment is one of the trickiest aspects of running an engineering firm. The good news is that “tricky” doesn’t have to equal “impossible,” especially if you’re willing to take the following tips to heart. Here are just a few ways to make bright young stars want to come and work for you!

1. Create a Corporate Culture

Quick! Describe your brand in three words. Was it more difficult than you thought? Did you find yourself searching for terms that weren’t generic or bland? If you don’t have a strong sense of corporate culture, you’re missing out on the chance to recruit people who are intrigued by that kind of workplace.

2. Offer Incentives

There’s nothing wrong with throwing in some freebies to sweeten an employment package. You don’t have to promise the moon; you can just guarantee something small yet desirable like a personal parking space for workers who reach the “six month” mark. Let your recruits know that there are tangible benefits to working for your firm that go beyond a salary.

3. Let Them Talk to Other Employees

There’s only so much reassurance that you can offer as a person in a position of authority. To truly set people at ease with the thought of working for you, you’ll need to let them speak with other employees on their level or in their department. Allow them to rub shoulders with their future co-workers.

4. Establish Yourself Around the Industry

Your name will mean a lot more if it’s recognizable to job seekers. You don’t have to be world famous; just make sure that you’re a visible presence in the local engineering community. For example, if you run a business for civil engineering Seattle, you should be attending all expos and professional conventions in Seattle.

These are just a few tips for attracting skilled employees to your engineering firm. As you can see, it’s going to take more than a fruit basket to reel them in, so don’t cut corners when it comes to recruitment. Invest in your talent today to build a brighter firm for tomorrow.